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First, web login corrections have been made on 1-17-2010.  This should simplify the login process.  Once logged in, you should be able to access directly without re-entering your username and password.

Question: After logging in via     , the sub-domain links will not work or does not save my login, requiring me to re-login?

Answer: This is usually a problem of cookies being blocked. GLS uses cookies stored in your computers temporary internet folder. Configure your web browser to allow the cookies to set.  In IE or Windows Internet Explorer you can go to Tools/Options/Privacy/Advanced/ then check Override automatic cookie handling, also check the First Party Box, then check Always allow session cookies.  If this does not resolve the problem and your login is not being saved then you will need to adjust the security level in the same area.  If set at High, adjust to Medium High.  Most use IE, but if you are using Firefox or Safari there are similar setting, but in a bit different format to alter.  Also, spy-ware or Anti Virus software may block cookie settings, once set.  Causing to re-enter your username and password.  I do not have a work around for this, yet. 

If  login problems persists after making changes to your browsers tool folder,  please call or email GLS and I may be of some assistance.