Application Specific Brakes

Posi-Quiet Brake Pads match the ideal friction material for your cars needs.  Recommending the best material available taking into account the OE friction material used and the normal running heat range of your cars brakes.  Called "Application Specific Brakes".  Not all vehicles brakes run at the same temperature.  This is caused by total vehicle weight, brake rotor mass to displace heat caused when braking, and quality of both the friction of your pads and rotors.  Heat is the brake systems biggest enemy, causing excess wear on pads and warping rotors.  In some cases even the OE brake pads seem to wear a bit to quickly, so in testing, Posi-Quiet will upgrade the pads friction to off-set the OE brake systems excessive heat range.  Blending the right friction or brake pad with your vehicles needs is done by Posi-Quiet Brake.      Simply the best!




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